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Biomega Vol. 6 | Tsutomu Nihei, pdf, ebook, epub, pret si librarii

Niarudi and the DRF rule the strange cordlike world of the Recreator. Yet without Eon Green, Niarudi will never be able to remake the world as she wishes. Now the biomechanical inhabitants of the Recreator are beginning to succumb to dronification, a result of the N5S plague that wiped out the original Earth. Only Zoichi and Fuyu can stop the nightmare from repeating itself, but to do so they’ll need to find Eon Green and the incredible secret she holds about the past that will shape the future. The final confrontation is at hand, and the prize for victory is the power to transform humanity and the world itself! Age: 17+

Biomega Vol. 5 | Tsutomu Nihei, pdf, ebook, epub, pret si librarii

Seeking to remake the world, Niarudi–the matriarch of the DRF and the mastermind behind the N5SV drone epidemic–has unleashed the Reverse Morphic Polymer. But unplanned contact during the transformation reduces the planet to ruin. In its place a giant cordlike world appears, complete with its own population and ecosystem. Enveloped by the change, Zoichi, Nishu and the others set out into this bizarre new world to thwart Niarudi’s plans. The strange inhabitants of the ‘cord’ bring stranger revelations still, and the struggle to control the future of humanity turns toward its final conflict! Age: 17+

Biomega Vol. 4 | Tsutomu Nihei, pdf, ebook, epub, pret si librarii

In a bid to remake the planet according to her design, Niarudi–Matriarch of the DRF–has unleashed the Reverse Morphic Polymer. This substance triggers a radical transformation of the earth, preparing it for ‘restoration.’ Meanwhile, Zoichi goes all out to recover Eon Green, and Fuyu learns more about what happened on Mars seven hundred years ago–secrets that shed light on the unbelievable metamorphosis about to take place! Age: 17+

Biomega Vol. 3 | Tsutomu Nihei, pdf, ebook, epub, pret si librarii

The Data Research Foundation’s plan to transform humanity and the earth itself accelerates as the DRF locates another executor of the apocalypse, General Narein. Toa Heavy Industry agents Zoichi Kanoe and Nishu Mizunoe haven’t given up yet, and Zoichi continues his journey to Maximum Security Containment Facility 3 in search of Eon Green. To stop them, the DRF is bringing out its heaviest hitters… The battle lines are drawn, and Armageddon never looked so good! Age: 17+